An almost classless CSS library that relies on simplicity and common sense.

About this project.

Each browser assigns a default set of behavior to an HTML element with a different result. To have a uniform look in each browser, it is a custom practice to add a reset.css and a normalize.css.

Over time I noticed developers overriding many styles, not just bootstrap, including reset.css or normalize.css. At a certain point, this resulted in an almost unworkable process to make updates.

In many of my projects, I ended up ripping out the CSS file and rebuilding the structure from scratch. I was exposed to the documentation of HTML elements, and I became fascinated.

When researching the Mozilla documentation of elements, I noticed many HTML elements already have desirable styling. Add to this as developers, we're regularly trying to optimize our code— a fortunate outcome for SEO.

Feel free to use it, make copies. Would be nice if you credit me somewhere or just buy me a coffee. But if you won't - I won't get angry.

About the name.

Naming things is about the hardest thing in computer science. Thinking of impressive classnames for websites is up there. As front-end developers we've come up with a lot of strategies; Atomic CSS, BEM, SMACC and whatnot. The best naming is simply header, main, footer, section, and so on.